Comfort is where innovative
material meets human needs

The material happiness

Intelligent UYN yarns reflect heat, remove sweat, transport moist, reduce friction, prevent bacteria. But most of all, they deliver great comfort when worn on your skin. With their functions invisibly integrated, these yarns at the same time provide fascinating design options and highly aesthetic structures.


merino tenwool

texlyte nano

Feeling good comes in many great variations

Your individual well-being is our most important goal. That is why we created so many delicately finetuned variations of UYN baselayers. With different warmth levels, technologies and materials they perfectly match your needs.


With the special NATEX thread, UYN lets nature work for your wellbeing.

NATEX is especially light and reduces the weight of the base layer by 25 percent. NATEX garments dry up to 50 percent faster than comparable nylon clothing. The 100 %-natural organic fiber is more elastic and the bacteriostatic effect minimizes odors.

merino tenwool

TENWOOL is appreciated around the world as a premium wool.

It’s famous for its minimal weight and seductively soft feeling on the skin. UYN further optimizes these outstanding material characteristics through a special manufacturing technology that combines merino on the outside and FIBRESIST on the inside to achieve a pleasantly soft, pilling-free surface.

texlyte nano

UYN garments made with TEXTLYTE

NANO are extremely comfortable thanks to their pH-balanced and hypoallergenic effect. At the same time, the high-tech fiber TEXTLYTE NANO is very light, allowing air to circulate freely between the skin and the garment. This also reduces the overall weight of the equipment for lengthier periods of activity.