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Lorenza Menapace's record-breaking Everesting

An epic feat, threatened by thunderstorms, supported by UYN Alpha clothing. The Italian cyclist completed the challenge in 15 and a half hours: one of the top 70 performances in the world!

Everesting is a big feat. Doing it facing strong summer thunderstorms and in around 15 hours is a record-breaking performance, precisely one of the top 70 all-time performances (men included). On Wednesday, July 1st, our ambassador Lorenza Menapace completed the challenge of scaling the same ascent repeatedly until the total elevation gain equals that of Everest (8.848 meters), the highest peak on the planet.

The Italian athlete has chosen the climb from Malè to Bolentina (in the province of Trento): 5.6 km long and 471 meters of altitude difference. Starting at 5.30 a.m., Lorenza scaled the climb 19 and a half times facing three violent downpours, which never slowed down her pace. At the end of the Everesting, after 236 km in the saddle, the total elevation gained was 9119 meters: well above the required figure.

UYN kit for Everesting

For her Everesting challenge Lorenza chose to wear the UYN Alpha shirt and bib, the Motyon sleeveless underwear and the UYN Cycling Light socks.

These were her impressions: "Clothing made all the difference. In my career I raced 31 24 Hours and finished two self-supported cycling races trying out many different brands, but UYN is the best for comfort and performance. Despite the rain, the clothes dried out very quickly. The bib Alpha proved to be at the top of the category: no abrasion, not even the slightest sign of chafing despite the long hours on the saddle. The combination of Lycra and knitted fabric makes it perfectly stable and snug, the targeted compression increases the sense of well-being”.