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Break the chain

It could be that you are infected with Covid-19 but are not showing any symptoms. You don’t know you’re infected, so you could pass the new coronavirus on to others unnoticed.

In order to protect others from infection, you have to wear a face mask. The recommendation is for as many people as possible to wear a face mask, because this at least enables droplets and particles of mucus to be caught to some extent. The chain of infection is broken.


In times of crisis, nature reveals its most colourful side. Red tulips, light green shoots, yellow daffodils. This generates a positive mood and is good for the soul. Colours have huge impact on our feelings.

UYN® is very much aware of this. In times of social distancing, we miss a sense of closeness to other people and this impacts negatively on our mood. UYN® deliberately counteracts this by injecting colour into everyday life. Blue boosts your spirit and has an enormously calming effect. Green stands for balance, harmony and hope. Red attracts our attention, while orange triggers optimism worldwide.

When sneezing, virus droplets can reach a speed of around 45 metres per second without a face mask and fly quite a long way. Generally speaking, people are infected if an infected person speaks, sneezes or coughs in their vicinity. The virus then passes through the air directly onto the mucous membranes of the other person.

Due to worldwide supply bottlenecks of medical and FFP masks and the increasing prices being charged for such masks, it is important to ensure they are primarily made available to medical personnel. This is because the recommended safety distance can rarely be maintained by those working in hospitals, homes or retirement homes.

This is why UYN® has decided to take action.
Break the chain with us.
Unleash your nature.



Since we have our own production facilities and collaborate closely with AREAS (Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sport) and CeRiSM, we are able to respond quickly and flexibly. We collect valuable data in our own laboratories while at the same time carrying out sports medical examinations to test the suitability of innovative products.

Research and development in the textile sector has reached a whole new level. Laboratory results can be directly incorporated in the development process. Internationally proven testing equipment is used to carry out tests on fibres, threads and fabrics so as to determine and continuously improve response under load.

So in times of need, we have channelled our entire expertise into developing the Community Mask. We believe the results are very impressive. Try it out for yourself.



The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) now also recommends that the population at large should wear a mask to cover the mouth and nose. “Wearing a mouth-and-nose mask can be an additional element in reducing the speed at which COVID-19 spreads in the population.” The UYN® Community Mask acts as a barrier that reduces the risk of infecting others because it can shorten the range of the droplets that are ejected when people cough, sneeze and speak.

While hardly anyone in Asian cities uses public transport without a face mask, here in Europe the sight of masked people takes some getting used to. Europeans are not used to wearing masks. The right fit and a comfortable product are crucial here to promote a sense of well-being so the mask is not felt to be a foreign body.

Ergonomic and lightweight
The UYN® Community Mask fits perfectly around mouth and nose, sealing nicely at the edges and interrupting the airflow. The ergonomic three-dimensional shape allows you to breathe comfortably without feeling boxed in.
The three-dimensional knitted structure is more densely knitted in the mouth and nose area: this reduces the speed of respiratory flow and saliva/mucus droplet ejection. But the UYN® Community Mask still allows you to breathe easily, so the mask can be worn during sports activities, too.
Thanks to processing with Texlyte Nano, the UYN® Community Mask is moisture-repellent. This property of the yarn is permanent and is not affected by repeated washing. Texlyte Nano does not store moisture but dries very quickly. For pleasant wear comfort.


Extremely light fibre

What makes Texlyte Nano so special is its weight: it is lighter than water, 34% lighter than polyester and 20% lighter than nylon, so it provides more volume and less weight. In addition, Texlyte Nano is water-repellent, as well as being recyclable and environment-friendly.




The Texlyte Nano used for the Community Mask has been certified and produced in Europe according to Oekotex Standard 100. It does not cause any allergies and is therefore particularly suitable for articles with high hygiene standards.
Texlyte Nano has a very low conductivity so it guarantees an exceptionally high level of insulation – which makes for excellent thermal comfort.
Texlyte Nano is 50% lighter than cotton and 34% lighter than polyester, so of all synthetic fibres this material is very well suited for use as a mask.
Texlyte Nano is hydrophobic by nature. The moisture-repellent property of the yarn is permanent and is not affected by repeated washing. Texlyte Nano does not store moisture but dries very quickly. For pleasant wear comfort.
The production and maintenance of Texlyte Nano requires 30% less energy than for polyester. No pesticides or toxic dyes are used. For this reason, experts consider it to be one of the most environment-friendly synthetic fibres. Furthermore, Texlyte Nano is 100% recyclable.
Abrasion, tension and tearing is no problem for Texlyte Nano. Its abrasion resistance is 2.5 times higher than that of cotton. Even sweat, sun and moisture have no effect on the durability of Texlyte Nano.
Due to the hydrophobic property of Texlyte Nano, the material is insensitive to dirt, can be washed at 60°C and dries within a short time. Ironing is not necessary. The mask can be used again after a short time.

1. Highly elastic ergonomic nose shape
2. Flex Ribs for a perfect fit
3. Flexible and soft ear loops
4. Breathable 3D breathing ribs let the skin breathe
5. Particularly densely knitted mouth and nose sections
6. Highly elastic band at the neck for optimum wear comfort

“Youngsters can pass on the virus, too.”
It’s especially difficult to explain to children why they are not allowed to touch their faces. The UYN® Community Mask is available in three sizes so it fits perfectly on small heads, too. Keeping a distance and washing your hands regularly are still crucial.
Masks can support awareness of social distancing and health-related behaviour, both for ourselves and in our interactions with others. Nonetheless, protective instructions such as maintaining a distance of 1-2 metres and hand washing should never be neglected.

The Community Mask is not a medical product and does not provide protection from infection. By wearing it, it is possible to reduce the speed of respiratory flow and saliva/mucus droplet ejection, thereby helping to reduce the further spread of Covid-19. However, the Community Mask has not been shown to have any protective effect in a medical sense.

The required distance of one to two metres and regular hand washing is still the best protection from infection.

Since you touch your face when putting on the mask, your hands should be thoroughly washed or disinfected beforehand.
Cover your mouth and nose with the mask. The UYN® logo must be visible on the outside.
Attach the straps well behind the ears.
Pull the mask into position. It must sit well over the nose and close off under the chin.
Press the mask tightly once and check that it fits well. Do not touch the mask with your hands while wearing it.
Remove the mask from your face using the straps at the sides (from back to front), but do not touch the mask. After taking off the mask it is important to thoroughly wash or disinfect your hands.



Now’s the right time for carefully considered action. Send out a signal to your customers and show that you too are concerned about protection and maintaining distance in social interactions, especially in these new times.

For orders of 3,000 or more we can produce masks with your ID for you. Our brand experts and textile technicians will be happy to help you find innovative ideas and solutions to meet your needs.

What message would you like to share with your customers? Would you like individual packaging or communication? We can help you leave a positive impression on your guests, while at the same time having them provide entirely free advertising for your hotel. In this way you can increase your reach and customer loyalty.

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