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UYN shoes are a revolution – probably the most technologically progressive shoes ever to have been created. Their development was geared towards a single goal: making freedom tangible – at every step and every movement. The result is something that has never been seen before. A shoe that offers a perfect combination of stability and flexibility. A feeling of nature in the middle of the city. Top quality without any waste of resources. A new shoe – functional and sustainable, contemporary and trend-setting, patented and award-winning.

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Stability and flexibility
Freedom knows no bounds? Well, we have set certain limits – but only where it makes sense, of course. Our patented production method opens a whole new range of possibilities in shoe development. Although the shoe is made from a single piece, individual parts such as the heel, tip and sides can be partially stiffened, while others such as the upper section can retain their extreme elasticity. This makes the shoe very easy to slip on while also ensuring it provides the required stability. Stability and flexibility – perfectly combined.
Sometimes small changes are sufficient to achieve a big impact. This is a start. But it wasn't enough for us. We changed our mindset. Adopting a more radical approach. While conventional manufacturers try to reduce waste, our shoe generates no waste at all in production. This is made possible by a completely new manufacturing method using circular knitting. We put this into practice using our high- tech machinery in Italy. A shoe made in one piece – without waste, reduced to the essentials. For more than just a good feeling on your feet.
Merino comfort
A feeling of nature from the word go. With every UYN shoe we produce, we make a promise: maximum comfort – everywhere and at all times. And what could be more comfortable than embedding your foot in the finest Merino wool? MerinoSurround is the name of our manufacturing method, making it possible to use Merino wool on the inside of the shoe – no matter what performance material is used on the outside. Merino wool is odour-inhibiting and highly effective in absorbing moisture. So the shoe can also be worn barefoot. A new feeling with every step.
Water resistant
Thanks to the unique way in which they are produced, UYN shoes are water-resistant. Due to the innovative combination of the dual material construction, the material resists water yet remains breathable. Entirely without a membrane. A development that is not just an achievement for us but for the environment, too.
Made in Italy
It all begins with a clear focus. Every detail we add to every part of our shoe, that bares the UYN name, must have a clear functional advantage for us to implement it. By doing so this perfectly fits with our need to develop products using the latest technology with laser sharp focus on quality, function and design. All Made in Italy.
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