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biathlon star Dorothea Wierer: a UYNer across the board

Dorothea Wierer is one of today’s most successful biathletes – and a UYNer across the board. The friendly 28-year-old is extremely popular with her fans and has already given them many reasons to cheer this season too: Dorothea Wierer has made it onto the podium six times in the first few races. Our profile answers the most important questions about the star. First and foremost: How does she manage to keep calm at the shooting range and where does her great enthusiasm for UYN products come from.

Dorothea Wierer was born in the South Tyrolean town of Rasen-Antholz – Italy’s biathlon centre. Naturally, she came into contact with sport as a result. What fascinates her about biathlon is that the competition releases a great deal of adrenaline and the race is never decided right until the end. Biathlon combines two very different disciplines with each other: cross-country skiing and shooting. The one demands an extremely high level of fitness and perseverance, the other maximum concentration and composure. This is what makes it very exciting for Wierer. “The mind is very important in biathlon,” says the 28-year-old. You arrive at the shooting range after the exertion on the cross-country trail and have to try to breathe calmly, concentrate, not get to flustered and not be scared. “I try to not think about anything,” says Wierer.

If you see Wierer in competition, you cannot fail to be inspired by her strength and accuracy. Impressionable moments for her and her fans are also her major successes: two bronze medals at the Olympic Games, her win in the World Cup individual event in the 2015/2016 season, two bronze and one silver medal in the world championships. “These are all memories that I carry with me in my heart,” says Wierer.

However, with the pressure to perform comes the risk of having to sacrifice any fun. Dorothea Wierer takes this in her stride. She tries to always approach everything with a smile – balance is important. “As a result of the training camps, training and competitions we travel a great deal,” says Wierer. That’s not easy with a family. Wierer has been married to the Italian Stefano Corradini since 2015. When she’s at home with her husband, she shuts everything else out. “We don’t talk about biathlon and try to enjoy the few moments we have together in peace,” she says.

"It´s great that I’m allowed to advertise this fantastic brand”

Dorothea Wierer is a successful athlete who is on course to win. And not just as an individual competitor. Her team is also very strong. “We are very well-rehearsed and coordinated and are one of the best teams on an international level,” says Wierer. Which is why Wierer and her team colleagues cannot make any compromises when it comes to equipment. It instantly felt right with UYN. “The products feel almost like a second skin,” she says. She is impressed by the superb comfort, quality and design. The chemistry between Dorothea and UYN is simply right. The company focuses on strong performance and only supports the best. And Wierer is delighted: “I think it’s great that I’m allowed to advertise this fantastic brand.”

She has already fulfilled her goals for this season anyway. She tries to always achieve the best, step by step, competition after competition – without being influenced or putting pressure on herself. It is important to Wierer to keep physically fit. “I have to be careful not to get sick, which often happens to me in winter unfortunately,” says Wierer. That’s our wish for her too! And her more than 330,000 followers on Instagram will also continue to cheer her on.