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A party on the roof of Europe! #UYNner Ilaria Veronese is victorious in UYN-branded Vertical Courmayeur Mont Blanc

#UYNner Ilaria Veronese, Italian under-23 Alpine Skiing champion, wins the UYN Vertical Courmayeur Mont Blanc. The skyrunning event was a proven success for spectators and participants alike, taking place on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 August

The party at over 3000 m above sea level has drawn to a close. #UYNner Ilaria Veronese has won the UYN Vertical Courmayeur Mont Blanc after two breathtaking days in the shadow of Europe’s highest peak. Over 500 athletes from all over the world participated in the fifth edition of this skyrunning race. The event took place on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 August. A proven success - in terms of both spectators and participants - for Italian brand UYN, main sponsor for the event for the second year running.

Alpine skiing, cycling and skyrunning: introducing Queen Veronese

On what turned out to be a perfect day, where the sun illuminated fairytale scenery, Ilaria dominated the women’s K2000 from start to finish. Starting from the centre of Courmayeur, the route took in the first difficult stretch to the Pavillon Hut, then struck further challenging climbs to reach the stupendous Punta Helbronner viewpoint, 3500 m above sea level. The UYN-sponsored athlete conquered those 2000 m of elevation in 2h08m47s (21st place overall) to beat Elisa Pallini and Noémie Grandjean.

Ilaria, born 1996, hails from Coazze in Italy’s Turin Province (Piedmont region) and she is confident with vertical routes. After debuting in cycling, she approached the world of alpine skiing. She secured a place on the national team and became Italian under-23 champion last January. In Courmayeur (where she came second in 2018), she this year took hold of her second victory in a skyrunning competition - following her triumph in the Chaberton K2. These results also allowed her to win the VK3000 Trophy.

UYN accompanied Ilaria to success, providing the ultra-performance Alpha Running kit, which has been designed to help athletes achieve the best possible performance. The 3D breathable technology allows for perfect body temperature control at every stage of an athletic challenge. The special seamless build - with reduced stitching - guarantees maximum freedom of movement and better muscle support, which are vital in demanding races such as the UYN Vertical Courmayeur Mont Blanc.

“This win was a nice surprise,” Ilaria told us. “Having got it in such an incredible place and in a perfectly organised race made it even better. The UYN kit was impeccable. I was particularly taken by the shirt’s breathability. In competitions this demanding, that’s an important advantage to have. And there is full freedom to move in it: it’s as if you’re not wearing anything, it isn’t constrictive at all. The socks fit perfectly, which guarantees your feet are always comfortable.”

UYN led the way in this two-day “vertical”

The UYN stand in Piazza Brocherel was the life of the party in Courmayeur. Hundreds of visitors had the chance to see our running products and participated in the UYN Social Cabin, our photographic initiative. 

The two-day “vertical” - organised by Trail Mountain ASD - began on Friday morning with Kkids, a fun run for the little ones. That was followed by the K1000 in the evening, won by Mathieu Brunod and Giulia Murada. 

Winning the men’s K2000 on Saturday was Daniel Antonioli, with a time of 1h46m18s.