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Indoor cycling: the right kit for your training

The proliferation of smart trainers, spin bikes and dedicated apps has helped the popularity of indoor cycling increase.

Careful, though: compared to traditional road cycling, when training at home you’ll sweat a great deal more and place significantly more psychological and physical stress on your body, by being in a closed space and having no breaks (for example, there’s no downhill). Your choice of kit plays a vital role in balancing out these negative effects and letting you get the most from your training session.

Alpha Biking Bibs

Starting with your shorts, we recommend Alpha Biking for its incredible comfort and breathability. The combination of Lycra (where your body comes into contact with the saddle) and the seamless 3D knitted fabric (around the glutes and legs), allows the garment the elasticity it needs to follow the movement of your legs without creating restrictions. 

The chamois has an anatomical design, so that it stays firmly in position. It also uses materials that allow sweat to dry rapidly. Comfort is also important in the strap structure. The straps on the Alpha Biking bibs are exceedingly elasticated, while the Ergo-Tensyon insert allows them to adapt to the shape of your back, giving them better staying power.

Sleeveless Motyon

Breathability is the order of the day. The perfect shirt for anyone doing indoor cycling has to be one that cools body heat and wicks away excess sweat. 

The ultra-lightweight sleeveless Motyon, made from Natex bio-fibre, dries 50% faster than traditional Nylon garments of a similar type. Its 3D structure across the inner surface allows air to flow across the skin. We designed this item to allow you to cycle for long periods without feeling that unpleasant sensation of wearing a dripping wet garment. 

Cycling Light Socks

The microclimate around your feet is another aspect not to underestimate because it can be a determining factor in the quality of your training. Our Cycling Light socks are the only ones to use the Cool Air Flow system: through its 3D channels, it generates a constant flow of air across the skin, even when your feet are enclosed in your shoes. Prepare yourself for a new wellbeing experience!