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Italian National Ski Team trains on the Stelvio Pass for a top season with UYN

This Italian sportswear brand is the official base layer and socks provider and is with the Italian nationals for their first outing on the slopes Goggia, Brignone, Fill and teammates: excitement to get back on the snow is running high

It’s time to put on skis again. The Italian champions’ season begins on the Stelvio Pass glacier - over 3,000 m (9,800 feet) above sea level. From Monday 24 to Saturday 29 July, the team of racers and the women’s World Cup team have come together for their first gathering on the snowy slopes between Valtellina and Alto Adige. 

Putting our high-tech base layers and socks at the national team’s service for the second year running, Italian brand UYN went to see the athletes during their training, to see what they think and to experience what it’s like to train for a year with so much promise. 

The Stelvio Pass welcomed team stars Sofia Goggia and Federica Brignone, alongside the multi-event competitors Marta Bassino, Francesca Marsaglia, Elena Curtoni, Karoline Pichler, Laura Pirovano, Nicol and Nadia Delago, Roberta Melesi, Roberta Midali and Verena Gasslitter, under coaching from Giovanni Feltrin and Gianluca Rulfi. Meanwhile, Alberto Ghidoni, head of the National Downhill team, ran the training for the “jets”, Emanuele Buzzi, Mattia Casse, Matteo Marsaglia and Peter Fill. 

The athletes from the National Snowboard team have also been training at altitude. For everyone, this is a time to recapture the feelings, the chemistry on the snow, after a well-deserved rest period.

Goggia: “Ready and excited for the new season off the back of the Milan-Cortina 2026 news”

The programme includes sessions on the glacier beginning at 6.30 in the morning, to avoid the high temperatures of the season. Once the skis are off, the afternoon is focused on targeted gym work and roller skis. “It’s always exciting sitting back down at your desk for the first day of school,” jokes Olympic champion Sofia Goggia. “Jokes aside, there’s so much work to do and lots to learn. I’m so ready for the new season, especially after the announcement this weekend that Milan-Cortina will host the 2026 Winter Olympics. It’s created such a happy atmosphere. Getting back on our skis with UYN has been excellent, their exceedingly high-quality materials mean we’re always at the top of our game.”

Brignone: “I want to get back in the game and train for a huge year”

Federica Brignone is also really excited. “I’m back on my skis after two months in shorts and t-shirts. It’s always exciting and also a challenge getting used to new boots and heavy kit,” says the champion from Italy’s Val d'Aosta region. “This is a crucial time. The last two years, I’ve had to miss out on the skiing because of accidents or injuries, but thanks to proper training I have managed to get myself ready to race.”

There are still four months to go until the World Cup Opener in Sölden on Saturday 26 October, but her thoughts are already turned to the new season: “It’s difficult to comment on last season: I got some good results but overall I didn’t achieve the goals I had set myself. That’s why I can’t wait to get back into action. I have worked hard over the Spring, I want to ski and get ready for a huge season.”

Just as last year, UYN will support their performance with our highly technical products: “For all of us, UYN base layers are vital. In races and in training, you can come across varied weather conditions, ranging from -20° up to +15°, but your body always stays at the right temperature. UYN frees up your movements, you feel almost as if you’re not wearing anything and your movements are 100% natural. I suffer from dermatitis and skin irritation, but with UYN I had no issues all winter. I also really appreciate their consideration for sustainability, in terms of materials and manufacturing processes: it’s a matter I’m really conscious of.”

Fill: “After a difficult season, the dream is to lift the Cup once again”

For Peter Fill, Stelvio is the perfect chance to start up again after a season dampened by physical injury: “Last year I was out for a long time. My desire to get back out on the snow is huge. Being physically able to train well has a decisive impact in the preparatory stages,” explains the National Downhill veteran - twice winner of the specialist Cup. “Every day you work thinking about next year and the upcoming races: I want to get off the starting blocks and compete with the best. Having twice won the downhill at the World Cup is so exciting. Now I’m hoping to lift the trophy again.” 

From the temple that is Kitzbühel, where the competitor from the Carabinieri (Italian armed force) team won in 2016, to the Bormio slopes, from tricky Saslong to spectacular  Lauberhorn di Wengen, UYN will be at Fill’s sides during the toughest, most adrenaline-filled challenges: “During the race, when you’re giving it your all, it’s amazing to be able to count on such high-quality base layers. They’re so comfortable and leave you to focus your full physical effort on giving your best. The base layer and socks from UYN are perfect for athletes, exactly what we need to meet our needs.”

UYN Natyon: a collection for champions

UYN provides all Italian Winter Sports Federation athletes with base layers and socks from the Natyon collection, customised with the National colours and designed for maximum performance. Natyon is synonymous with the best textile technology for body temperature regulation and freedom of movement. Exclusively using the Natex fibre - 100% from vegetable origins - allows for a 25% reduction in weight and halves drying time compared to similar garments made of nylon. UYN is a leading figure in the world of winter sports, accompanying seven top national teams: Austria, France, Germany, Slovenia, Russia, Slovakia and the US.