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Looking for the perfect gift? Choose UYN base layers

Looking for the perfect gift? Here are 6 reasons to choose UYN technical base layers

1 They’re for everyone

We have six ranges to meet the full range of needs when it comes to comfort and performance in sport. Men, women, kids. And so many colour choices. We know our collection has just the base layer you were looking for.

2 They regulate heat

That means they’re designed to keep your body at the right temperature, by wicking away sweat and creating a refreshing flow of air over the skin as you work, but trapping in the warmth when you’re stopped still. You’ll be warm without overheating. Better than the old reindeer jumper, right?

3 They’re always the right size

Because they’re super elastic and incredibly ergonomic, which means they adapt around the body of the wearer. Just think: a gift where you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size!

4 They’re all natural

The fibres we use are chosen with care. In the UYN collection, you can find lines made using precious Cashmere, Merino wool and Natex, a 100% natural fibre that comes from the seeds of the castor-oil plant. Nature has spectacular properties and we want our products to have them too.

5 They’re technical

Anyone who does sport wearing the UYN base layers discovers the most advanced functions and the best technology there’s ever been. And they don’t even need charging overnight...

6 They win races!

We’re partner and official provider to ten of the world’s best ski teams. Just last year, the champions who wore UYN base layers won 48 Alpine Ski World Cup races (out of 73!) and six gold medals. We can’t guarantee everyone that level of success, but we can promise you’ll feel the best you’ve ever felt in cold conditions.

Under clothes for under the tree - why wouldn’t you give UYN base layers this Christmas?