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Mission accomplished! Davide Cappelletti completes the Everesting challenge with UYN

Nine consecutive ascents of Bisbino on the bike, for a total of 8848 m of elevation - the same as the world’s highest summit. On Sunday 21 July, the cyclist from Como, Italy, met his target with the vital support of UYN kit.

Everesting is when man defies gravity in the saddle of his bike. The idea is to scale the same ascent repeatedly until the total elevation gain equals that of Everest, the highest peak on the planet. Four digits quantify this dream: 8848 metres. Davide Cappelletti achieved his goal on Sunday 21 July, turning Monte Bisbino into the top of the world.

His Everesting attempt was a tale of fatigue, mental strife, relief, celebration and joy: “After 19 hours in the saddle, I made it and lifted my hands to the sky. From the top, I saw the sun setting: it was the most amazing sensation I’ve ever felt in my life.”

Davide realised his DREAM as part of the ENDUdream project, a competition launched by the Endu platform in support of the most compelling sporting challenges. Partnering with the initiative, UYN accompanied him throughout his attempt and during his months of training, providing him with highly technical kit to support his extraordinary performances.

The tale of scaling Everest

The Bisbino ascent begins at the waterside of Lake Como and winds upwards to the teetering summit above Cernobbio. This 15 km stretch has a real bite to it: with an average incline of around 7%, it reaches a total altitude of 1325 m. Davide, 30, passionate cyclist from Cucciago (Como), poured his all into that climb nine times, beginning at one o’clock in the morning and finally dismounting at 8.45 pm, after 246 km and 8871 m climbed. Mission accomplished.

“The hardest moment was at about two o’clock in the afternoon, after finishing the fifth ascent,” said Davide. The fatigue, the heat, concern at being behind schedule, about not having eaten well enough: everything combined sent me into turmoil. I zigzagged across the street as I completed the sixth ascent, but quitting was far from my mind. A little break and, above all, my friends’ support helped me rediscover the energy to see the challenge through. I certainly wasn’t the first to complete the Everesting challenge, but I wanted to be the first to turn it into a show, getting dozens of friends to cycle it with me. I was never left alone, the day was a big party.”

The Everesting project came into being nine months previously, before a computer screen, and after hours of tough training on the bike.

“It was a video online that gave me the inspiration, in October. Not long afterwards, I entered the ENDUdream competition and won the Innovation category. That was the beginning of a long training period leading up to the big day. I practised the Bisbino climb at night, at dawn and at sunset, to assess the conditions and get my kit sorted.”

UYN kit for the challenge

The attempt saw Davide tackle a wide range of weather conditions, from 16° at night up to 40° during the middle of the day, facing wind on the descent and daytime humidity, alternating between sunny climbs and sections in the shade of the forest. In every scenario, he was able to count on high-performance products from UYN.

“For the first three climbs - the coolest ones - I chose to wear the Motyon base layer and protect myself with arm and leg warmers. For the rest of the day, I stuck just to the Alpha Biking jersey and shorts. On every descent, I wore the windproof Alpha Biking jacket, which I could then tuck into the jersey pocket: light, smart, packable, exceptional protection against the wind, but also extremely breathable. I knew the UYN products well, but in the extreme circumstances of the Everesting challenge, they still managed to surprise me. Everyone who has done this challenge before me has had to plan a kit change. In my case, I didn’t need to: I wore the same jersey, the same shorts and the same Cycling Light socks from start to finish, always feeling dry and totally comfortable. The UYN kit was my second skin. It allowed me to save energy and focus my efforts on the challenge.”

Here are the products Davide chose for scaling Bisbino nine times, that made him a true #UYNner.

UYN ALPHA BIKING SHIRT SHORT SLEEVES This highly technical seamless shirt, with Hypermotion system and no seams around the shoulders, sleeves and chest offers total freedom of movement. The 3D T-Hexagon structure provides excellent breathability during activities and perfect insulation during times of rest.

UYN ALPHA BIKING BIB SHORT The revolutionary hybrid bib short combines Lycra and its properties with the advantages of seamless technology. The Ultramotion system moves in sync with the legs, without restricting movement, all the while supporting the muscles to hold back fatigue. The chamois, with two layers of differing density, is designed to an anatomical fit to eliminate irritations and chafing.

UYN ALPHA BIKING WIND JACKET An ultra-light, water resistant and windproof jacket. It offers protection and comfort simultaneously, thanks to the ventilation of the Air Dual System on the back.

UYN CYCLING LIGHT SOCKS These are high-tech, road cycling-specific socks for high intensity activity. The 3D micro-channels allow the air to circulate: which means absolute comfort. Specially arranged protective sections absorb impact while localised compression fights the feeling of fatigue to improve performance.

UYN ARM AND LEG WARMERS The fit of these arm and leg warmers has been designed for the utmost wearability. The choice of special fibres and use of the most advanced technologies allows for perfect body temperature regulation.

MOTYON BASE LAYER This base layer shirt is for intense sports activities in high temperatures. Every detail has been designed to set your body temperature just right. The exclusive Natex bio-fibre guarantees our garments are 25% lighter and dry 50% faster than nylon garments of the same kind.