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This Slovak queen - world giant slalom champion - is the Italian brand’s new ambassador. In her competitions, she’ll be wearing the highly technical UYN socks and base layers, customised to her country’s colours.

UYN - Unleash Your Nature and Petra Vlhova; the Italian brand that revolutionised the functional wear sector and the Slovak champion who could take gold at the 2019 Åre World Ski Championships. There’s a new, winning duo in world skiing, ready to truly thrill the crowds at World Cups over the next few seasons.

Both in races and in training on the snow, Petra Vlhova will be able to count on the UYN base layers and socks. These highly technical products are developed in the lab and tested in partnership with the top athletes, guaranteeing exceptional performance. Specifically, the new UYN ambassador will wear the NATYON range socks, and base layer shirt and tights. Customised with the Slovak colours and coat of arms, they’ll give this phenomenal athlete extra energy and drive in her skiing performances. UYN will also provide her with winter base layers from the AMBITYON and EVOLUTYON ranges, plus our RACE SHAPE socks.

Ready for our starring roles this season 

With champion Petra Vlhova, the incredible #UYNner team continues to grow and is getting ready for another successful season. The Italian brand was launched in Autumn 2018 but is already a leading figure in the sporting world. We’re technical sponsor of ten of the world’s top national ski teams, including Italy, Austria, France, Norway and Germany, as well as the Slovak biathlon team. And new to the 2019-2020 season are the US ski and snowboard teams. Last year, in just alpine skiing, athletes wearing UYN bagged 48 victories in the World Cup (out of 73 races) and six world titles: an all round success.

UYN developed Natyon to give high performance to our champions. Natyon is a range of base layers and socks whose exclusive technology gives wearers the advantages of comfort and performance when racing. The Natyon shirt’s innovative shape means no seams around the shoulders, resulting in maximum freedom of movement for the arms and support for the body’s posture: all vital on a descent. Coolvent technology absorbs sweat rapidly and creates a flow of air across the skin to keep the body at the right temperature. Meanwhile, the Heatmemory system seals in warmth during recovery to prevent the wearer from getting cold. Wearing Natyon, you’ll always be ready to unleash your energy.

Vlhova: #UYNner down to her very DNA

Class. Physical strength. Mental determination. Petra Vlhova has all the characteristics of a true #UYNner. She debuted in the World Cup at the young age of 17. In 2014 she became junior world champion in the slalom, consolidating her position as one of the top talents in the skiing world. In 2015-2016, she dominated at Åre with her first Cup victory, but it was in the most recent season that she put a definitive stamp on the slalom and giant slalom: five victories and second place in the World Cup final. But most importantly, she won gold at the World Championships. Now, her avid pursuit of a crystal globe continues, but with a vital ally: the sheer quality of UYN.