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An exhausting battle on the seething waters of the Munzur River, pitting muscles, nerves and paddles against nature’s elements - and against the best teams in the world. In June, Tunceli, a Turkey city located within the massif of Eastern Anatolia, played host to the first-ever World Rafting Federation’s World Championships. 

This global event saw over 50 teams from 17 countries competing over three high-intensity days. UYN wouldn’t have missed it for the world. And that’s not all: UYN played a starring role, stepping up onto the podium with the Russian team athletes who placed third.


Nikita Zhuravlev, Vladimir Kazan, Vladimir Ilya Lukyantsev and Alexey Shirokov: the names of the four athletes who fought it out in the Munzur’s currents, equipped with the UYN Natyon base layers. The Russian men’s team began with a sixth place in the Downriver, followed by a fourth in the RX and a magnificent second place in the Slalom - the most technical discipline in rafting. The end result was an inspiring bronze medal, behind Brazil and Kazakhstan, for an unforgettable debut on the world stage. The image of the podium has reached the far corners of the world, republished on social media channels and the biggest websites within the field of rafting.


UYN accompanied the Russian men’s team with our extremely high performance line of underwear and base layers, Natyon. It is designed to meet the needs of professional athletes. The Natyon kit, made in the colours of the Russian Federation, proved to be a vital support to their performance, thanks to the sophisticated technologies designed to boost athletic output.

In rafting, movement of the arms and upper body is crucial: the exclusive UYN Hypermotion system is seamless around the shoulders, permitting total freedom of movement without irritations or limitations.

Along torrents, in the most demanding downrivers, thermoregulation is vital to maximum performance: the body must never suddenly overheat or cool down excessively. At the same time, the kit shouldn’t be too heavy when it comes into contact with the water and should dry quickly. The Natyon base layer guarantees total comfort during all the stages of physical activity. Thanks to the special 3D structure of the fabric, it is able to quickly wick away sweat, leaving the skin dry. The Heatmemory technology traps in heat during times of rest, while the Compressyon system supports the muscles and promotes recovery.

Others may call these details, but at UYN we consider them fundamental features for an athlete’s success.

The Natyon line can be yours, too: find out more and buy it now in our online shop.