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The fantastic UYN Sports Duffel Bag - free! Find out how to get one

Kit, shoes, accessories: pack it all into your bag, check it, and off you go. How many times have you followed this pre-race or pre-training routine? You’ll be back at it soon and we want everything to be perfect when the time comes! So we’re giving away the fantastic UYN Sports Duffel Bag. It’ll soon be your essential travel companion.

UYN Sports Duffel Bag, free when you spend over £ 199 

Getting your hands on the UYN Sports Duffel Bag is easy! When you go to our online shop and make a minimum spend of £ 199, we’ll give you the Sports Duffel Bag free (the offer excludes UYN Community Mask purchases). Our bag retails at £ 99, but in this exclusive UYN offer you can get it for free. Get in now! There are just 199 bags available. Make sure you’re first in to save disappointment.

Quality and style as you train

Quality materials and dynamic style - everything you need from a bag. And just so much space for arranging your kit. Let’s take a look at the details that make the UYN Sports Duffel Bag perfect for your training.

1. Waterproof
The inner lining and outside fabric both prevent water getting in.

2. Ultra-durable
The materials used for the UYN Sports Duffel Bag guarantee it will last over time. They’re scratch- and tear-resistant

3. Holds its shape
The soft but reinforced structure allows the UYN bag to keep its shape - and your kit to stay organised.


1. Main compartment with U-shaped opening
For towels, a change of clothes and larger equipment. It also has an inside pocket with Velcro closure. With its wide opening and double zip, it’s very practical to use.

2. External shoe storage
Zipped compartment designed to hold shoes or sliders, keeping them separated from your clothes. 

3. Section for wet kit
After swim training, you can put your costume, goggles and any other accessories into the compartment with waterproof lining, to stop them from getting your other items wet.

Multiple pockets

1. Outside zip pocket
For your phone, wallet or small personal items, so they’re always to hand.

2. Outside mesh pocket
Practical and elasticated, perfect for carrying bottles, supplements and snacks.

Easy to carry

1. As a shoulder bag
The removable strap with padding makes it easy to carry sling this bag on your shoulder. 

2. As a backpack
The handles can be converted into adjustable ergonomic shoulder straps, for carrying the bag on your back. A chest strap with a buckle distributes weight evenly across the chest, making it more stable and therefore perfectly comfortable to wear.