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There’s something ancient and ritualistic in the way Filippo, Federico, Manuel and Agnese’s lay out the sails on the pier, preparing to hoist them onto the mast. Taking on the winds, navigating the waters: it’s a thrill that spans the history of humankind and expresses the immutable ambition to overcome the limits imposed by nature.

Speed, adrenaline, adventure: everything mixes Like the short, sharp waves of Lake Garda that define the competition surface of this regatta. That is where the Brontolo Racing team crew - having left the historic Fraglia Vela Riva circle - is headed, for the start of the regatta.

This is Riva del Garda (Trento), at the northernmost tip of Italy’s largest lake, and 5th-14th July it’s the location for the Melges 32 and Melges 20 categories of the Melges World League European Division: the fulcrum of one-design racing. As technical sponsor - providing the Motyon functional base layer for Italian Melges 32 team G3BAU Sailing Team and Melges 20 team Brontolo Racing - UYN has been there during the preparatory stages of the second regatta weekend, Event 4 of the Melges 20 World League. It is the last European stage of this international circuit, where 24 teams fight it out on a level playing field: the boats have all been manufactured by legendary American manufacturer Melges Performance Sailboats.

Sailing is a game that requires an understanding of nature: the southerly Ora wind, the clouds that cling to the Ledro Alps, the currents that ripple across the lake’s surface. The secret to optimal performance lies in deciphering the riddle of the elements. Filippo Pacinotti, helmsman, Federico Michetti, Manuel Weiller and Agnese Zampieri have the hull slide across the water as, tack after tack, they sail close-hauled to the wind. Experience, mastery, tactical sagacity - they possess all the essentials. But they also need the right clothing to perform each manoeuvre in absolute comfort, leaving them to focus entirely on the race.

The Motyon base layer from UYN is perfect in competition, where the keyword is “performance”. The special Natex fibre we use is 100% natural, derived from castor-oil plants. It allows the shirt to dry 50% faster than traditional nylon garments and makes it 25% lighter. This means that in the extremely damp and sweaty conditions during a regatta, the athletes’ bodies stay perfectly dry. Advanced body temperature control technologies, such as Coolvent and 4-Ways Ventilation, have a 3D structure that creates a flow of air between skin and fabric to cool the body as well as to keep it warm. As a result, the athletes are in sync with the nature that surrounds them at all times. 

Agility is also vital in the boat, where every member of the team has a very precise role to play. The ergonomic fit of the Motyon shirt and the high elasticity of the fabric comes from UYN’s Hypermotion system: this is a special build with no seams at the sleeves or around the shoulders, guaranteeing total freedom of movement.

“On a sailboat, the right base layer is essential,” explains Federico Michetti, professional athlete from the Brontolo Racing, G3BAU Sailing and Quantum Racing teams. “We’re racing all year round, five maybe six hours a day, in the most extreme conditions, from the sweltering heat in Florida to cold Spring weather. We need sun protection and temperature regulation. If a wave catches you out, you have to get dry asap. If you’re too hot, you sweat and get dehydrated. If you get too cold, performance suffers. There is a technical base layer in the backpack of every sailor in the world. And with UYN in particular, it was love at first sight. It sees me through the winter and I think it’s exceptional. It doesn’t hinder my movements, it doesn’t give you that uncomfortable feeling when you wear something that’s not breathable. We have competed in very long regattas, some 36 hours, and I have always felt comfortable. I use UYN garments for everything, even for downhill skiing and cycling: they have become indispensable in my sporting life.”

They draw closer to the buoy, the Brontolo boat settles, sending a cloud of sea spray into the air. The Gennaker fills - full sail ahead and on towards new adventures.

UYN is active throughout the world of sailing, providing our functional base layers and socks, all designed for high performance. Filippo Pacinotti’s Brontolo Racing team, winner of the Melges 20 World League 2018, this year finished the circuit in fourth place and from 12th-15th September is set to take on the prestigious European Malcesine Championship. Meanwhile, the G3BAU Sailing Team crew conquered the Melges 32 Riva del Garda stage and is sixth overall going into the Barcelona meet (26-28 September), ahead of the highly anticipated World Championiship in Valencia. UYN is also supplier for the world champion TP52 Quantum Racing team competing in the prestigious 52 Super Series circuit - widely considered sailing’s Formula 1.