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Not onlydo we talk aboutour history. We want tomake history.
Strong women in a strong Slovakian biathlon team

The Slovakian biathlon team led by superstars Anastasiya Kuzmina and Paulina Fialková provide the proof: UYN also withstands the demands of one of the most challenging winter sports in terms of fitness. The team has already been able to dazzle with top performances this season. We introduce its two most important representatives.

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biathlon star Dorothea Wierer: a UYNer across the board

Dorothea Wierer is one of today’s most successful biathletes – and a UYNer across the board. The friendly 28-year-old is extremely popular with her fans and has already given them many reasons to cheer this season too: Dorothea Wierer has made it onto the podium six times in the first few races. Our profile answers the most important questions about the star. First and foremost: How does she manage to keep calm at the shooting range and where does her great enthusiasm for UYN products come from.

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The ski team from Norway: a team where success is the rule

The Norwegian ski team consists of Olympic champions, world champions and World Cup winners. It’s not surprising that the Norwegian athletes also trust in the performance-boosting effect from UYN. The Norwegians are starting with nine female and eleven male athletes in total. The race for points has begun. The Norwegian skiing stars have already got some wins under their belt in the current competition season. We introduce you to the most significant racers and their successes.

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The Slovenian ski team: fighters through and through

Ilka Stuhec, Zan Kranjec, Ana Drev are the current figureheads of the Slovenian ski team, who are also on the piste with UYN. The young athletes’ careers show: if any team can work hard and be tenacious, then it’s the Slovenian.

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The Russian ski team: full slalom power in white, blue and red

The up-and-coming young team of Russian alpine athletes led by slalom specialist Alexandr Khoroshilov also wear the functional underwear from UYN, made in Italy. We are curious to see if the team will assert itself against the strong competition in the 2018/2010 season.

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World Cup opening in the Biathlon: UYN athletes demonstrate the best achievements

The UYN biathletes started the world cup season with success. Dorothea Wierer impressed with two places in the sprint and pursuit races of Pokljuka in Slovenia and was thus able to build up her leadership in the rankings. The Slovakian ladies biathlon team also surprised us with strong results.

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Blue, white and red: France flies the French flag for UYN®

The 17 men and eleven women in the French ski team make sure they even have their national colours with their functional underwear: the French stars wear blue, white and red under their racing suit. We present the four most important athletes. But first of all: the French boast a top team of world champions and Olympic runner-ups.

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UYN® and the Italian ski team: full Italian power

UYNer through and through: the Italian team backs fashion and performance from their country. As an Italian brand for functional underwear, UYN knows what its athletes need. Elegance and performance belong together. The World Cup team consists of 17 women and 14 men. Including Olympic champions, world champion runner-ups and speed legends. We introduce the five hottest contenders for a podium position in the 2018/19 Alpine Skiing World Cup.

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Austrian ski racers rely on UYN®

UYN’s most successful team comes from Austria. The 21 athletes which make up the Österreichischer Skiverband [Austrian Ski Federation] (ÖSV)’s national team include Olympic champions, world champions and Ski World Cup record holders. In the form of short profiles, we shall introduce six stars who will be heading to the starting line this season in functional underwear from UYN:

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