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Berlin’s 100 miles - a record win for ultrarunner Corradini with UYN

The Italian #UYNner produced a work of art: first woman and third overall to complete the 161km along the “Wall Trail”, 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. By completing the race in just 15h22m49s, she set a new record time for women at the event.

This event is inseparable from history. It’s where fatigue breeds emotion, just as each step leads to another. Eleonora Corradini brought home a UYN victory in the “100 Meilen Berlin”, a prestigious ultrarunning race which took place on 17 August against a dramatic backdrop: the remnants of the Berlin Wall, 30 years after its fall. 

The race runs for 100 miles, or 161 km, around western Berlin in commemoration of those who fell victim to the divide between two Germanies. This Italian athlete ran it in 15h22m49s, making her the first woman home and third competitor overall (just 02m01s behind German competitor Ewen and 45m05s behind the winner Dehling), out of 450 total participants. 

It's an excellent result which also broke the women’s record for the event

UYN supported Eleonora on her road to victory with our high-tech kit, developed to guarantee performance and unrivalled comfort even in extreme conditions.

The perfect race

Eleonora, 27, from Rome, now lives in Asola in the Mantua province and works in the UYN Marketing Department. She got into ultra running in 2016 and since then has taken part in more than 110 marathons and ultramarathons. 

She is the Italian champion of 12-hour runs (road races) and will compete wearing the Italian National Team shirt at the 24-hour World Championships scheduled to take place in Albi, France, on 26 and 27 October. In her debut at the Berlin 100 miles, she also broke her personal records over 100 km and over 12 hours.

“I ran the perfect race,” said Eleonora. “It all went well, despite certain physical issues in the days leading up to it. I was able to handle myself and my nutrition right, I kept a steady pace and there were never any real moments of suffering. My first time in Berlin was special, passing places of key importance to the history of the world, like the Glienicke Bridge and Checkpoint Charlie."

"I didn’t realise I’d won until I heard the voices of the people inside the Jahn-Sportpark stadium: at that moment, all my fatigue simply vanished. I ran the athletics track and at 9.22 pm crossed the finish in tears. The emotions were overwhelming.”

The perfect kit

Running 161 km means drawing on all your physical and mental resources. It requires an effort like no other and the support of the best available running kit. 

For her challenge Eleonora chose the UYN short-sleeve shirt and Motyon top, the Alpha Running shorts and shirt, the Marathon Zero socks, plus the UYN arm warmers for the first few miles. 

Every product our Italian brand makes has been carefully designed and tested to maximise the wearer’s freedom of movement and body temperature regulation during exercise. 

Supported by the special seamless build, highly advanced 3D technology and our constant search for the best materials, UYN products allow athletes to unleash their full potential. 

“With the UYN kit I felt exceptional from the beginning to the end of the race," explained Eleonora. "I never had to change kit, except for in the evening, to tackle the final few kilometres before entering the stadium. I never felt like I was soaking wet and I never felt either too hot or too cold, despite the intense exertion throughout the day. The seamless Hypermotion system in the Motyon shirt meant I had total freedom of movement without any irritations. The 3D micro-structures in the Alpha Running shorts and shirt supported my muscles and so reduced the sense of fatigue. The Marathon Zero socks were exceptional: never wet and always a perfect fit for my feet, which avoided any rubbing.”

You can find all the details on the UYN Running collection that accompanied Eleonora to success by visiting our Shop Online.

Photo: Mattia Ragni X UYN