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An interview with CEO Marco Redini on Trerè Innovation

Marco Redini has headed Trerè Innovation for approximately 35 years. He is responsible for managing the family business, which is already in its third generation.

Trerè Innovation is one of the biggest sports clothing and sports article manufacturers in Italy and is considered a specialist in functional and innovative textiles. Located in Lombardy, the business is currently run by CEO Marco Redini. It was in the 1950s that his ancestors laid the foundations for the company’s success today – initially on their loom. The family business which they founded, “Selvocalze”, began with the industrial manufacturing of textiles from a very early stage, setting the first standards of quality. An instinct for new trends and investments in production and research allowed the company to grow rapidly. In the interview, Marco Redini speaks about development, quality and the goals of his company.

                                                              how it all started: Trerè as "Selvocalze" in 1950

You know the company history of Trerè Innovation back to front.How would you evaluate and rank the year 2018 within this, especially with regards to the launch of UYN?

In 2018, we communicated our decision to operate under our own label to the outside world. The positive response which we have received, both from the market and from our employees, has confirmed that we are on the right path. As a whole, 2018 has been an unbelievable year for Trerè, and maybe even the most exciting year since the company has been in existence. Now, we are looking forward to the fact that UYN will soon be commercially available.

Trerè-Produktion in Asola                                                        2018: Trerè production at the headquarters in Asola

With the expansion of your head office in Asola, including a centre for research and development, you are paving the way for the future. What are your medium- and long-term goals with the UYN brand?

Our ultimate goal is to establish UYN in the market. In the medium term, we will be expanding the UYN collection. As early as in the 2019 summer season, we will be expanding our range by various products, especially in the cycling and running sectors. What’s more, with our new research and development centre, we will be able to adapt our products to fit even better with the needs of our customers. We will have a wind tunnel and climate chamber on site especially for this. We are convinced that many new inventions will come about as a result of our research centre. In the long term, we will expand our distribution network, including onto other continents, and directly market UYN in Asia and the USA in particular.

"We do everything within our power to ensure that the customer receives high-quality products that work."

Recently, you have concluded a number of important partnerships. How important are an international network and partners for UYN?

We do everything within our power to ensure that the customer receives high-quality products that work. In this regard, partnerships are very important. On the one hand, partnerships confirm that the quality and image of our products are correct; on the other hand, our partners provide us with valuable feedback on our products, which we can then implement directly. A very important partnership is also undoubtedly our cooperation with the University of Verona and its Institute for Kinesiology (CERISM). We have all our UYN products tested in collaboration with CERISM in order to ensure that they stand up to scientific scrutiny.

The target market for your products ranges from amateur athletes to professional ones. In selling your products, what is the promise you make to your customers?

We promise our customers that they receive functional products which are of the highest quality. In doing so, we wish to optimally support our customers in achieving their sporting goals – whether these include outstanding sporting achievements in competition or simply personal challenges. The joy of movement is paramount, no matter whether you’re a hobby athlete or a high-performance athlete. What company values does Trerè Innovation identify with? Trerè Innovation stands for innovation and quality, something which is also reflected in our production facilities and products. When it comes to our business decisions, we want to maintain our integrity at all times, as well as to act in a manner which is globally responsible. For example, this includes treating our business partners fairly at all times, as well as making business decisions which are not purely based on short-term financial considerations.