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Giuseppe Bovo: “We wanted to develop something new, something better”

Giuseppe Bovo is the Brand Manager at Trerè Innovation. In the interview, Bovo talks about the idea, development and quality of UYN® - Unleash Your Nature.

How did you get the idea for this product?

There were several factors. One reason is definitely the fact that I live and love these types of sport which I now have the opportunity to develop products for. This is more than a job. A lot of ideas come to my while I’m doing the sport, such as how a piece of clothing has to be cut or how the material has to be. These then directly influences the product. I have always tried to optimise my equipment. For example, 28 years ago, I had a thermal vest made for myself for the cycling marathon. A vest which was aerodynamic and lined – there was nothing like it at the time. An important reason why we developed UYN is also because we know that the market needs something new.

What was the demand from the market or consumers?

We didn’t want to make a copy of something, but develop something completely new, something better. Of course, the customer would like functional clothing which works very well in terms of technology. But that isn’t all. It is just as important for it to be fashionable. For women most of all. But not just for women, because men also place a great deal of value on looking good these days. Of course, underwear also has to be comfortable. At Trerè Innovation, they must harmonise with the body and not just stand on their own. They can’t just be a foreign object. We have achieved this. This is what excites me about my job: Recognising the challenges and finding solutions. And making a product better and better.

How long was the development phase?

The whole process took two years. For example, we developed a new type of yarn, Natex. A material which is 100% natural, produced from the oil of the castor plant. It is 25% lighter and dries up to 50% faster than comparable nylon fibres. Or new technologies such as Hypermotion: The shoulder section is made from one piece. There are no more vertical seams to rub or restrict movement. This gives you a feeling of freedom in the arms that has never been there before.

"It’s not just a saying, it really works."

How was the moment when you tested the product for the first time?

Without exaggerating – it was a dream! I did a ski tour with one of the first prototypes on my local mountains in Pflerschtal near Sterzing. Everything worked just as we had imagined in theory. The material is light, pleasantly soft and does not get wet. And the freedom of movement in the shoulders is unlike anything else. Unleash your Nature. It’s not just a saying, it really works.

Why should the customer buy this product?

What can I say? (laughs) Because the underwear and socks are the best that are currently available on the market. I’m 100 percent convinced of that. But it’s normal for us to think our own product is good. Two things are crucial. Firstly, we have to work closely with the retailer. It is important to explain which product each individual customer requires for their needs. Each of the five collections is made for a specific sporting activity and intensity, above all. And secondly, It’s not what you say. Anyone can tell some story. At the end, you have to experience the clothing, put it on, feel it. Then, it can speak for itself.