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UYN supports ultra-cyclist Di Felice in his winter traverse of the Himalayas by mountain bike

The Italian athlete will cycle solo from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp wearing UYN high-tech underwear and apparel. His extreme adventure will start on 15 February

UYN - Unleash Your Nature is proud to announce a new partnership. Starting this year, ultracyclist Omar Di Felice has joined the #UYNner team becoming an ambassador for the Italian brand. Two-time Italian ultracycling champion and lover of extreme adventures, Omar will not only help to spread the image of UYN in the world of cycling, but will also work in close cooperation with the R&D lab of the company to test the products in the most demanding conditions.

Cycling on Everest (Base Camp in Nepal), 5364 meters high

The partnership with the Italian athlete has already led to the development of technical apparel that will support him in his upcoming winter adventure and that will be included in UYN’s next autumn-winter collection. From 15 February, Omar will attempt to reach the Everest Base Camp (5364 metres above sea level) by mountain bike, starting from the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. A traverse of more than 1300 km and 40,000 metres of climbing, to be performed alone in the Himalayan winter.

The athlete, who in 2020 became the first cyclist to cross the Gobi Desert (Mongolia) in winter, will enter the spectacular Mustang region, one of the driest and coldest on the Asian continent, then tackle the long climbs to the Himalayan passes at over 4,000 metres above sea level. The trails of the Annapurna circuit (one of the legendary eight-thousanders) will take him to the highest mountain pass in the world, Thorong La (5,416 m). From Lukla, the final, never-ending ascent to Everest Base Camp will begin.

UYN technology for a unique adventure  

The altitude, the cold (overnight temperatures will drop to -30°), the snow, the icy wind, the hard mountain trails will be the difficulties that Omar will have to face in his adventure, unique of its kind. To do so, he will be able to count on UYN high-performance clothing and on the new technologies introduced by the Italian brand.

 To meet the challenge of creating ultra-lightweight garments with high insulating power, UYN technicians have developed the BUFFERCONE bodymapped technology: a 3D knitted fabric that features a micro cone structure capable of trapping air in strategic areas, creating an insulating cushion that protects from the cold, and to ensure breathability where needed. Buffercone is used in the inner layer of jackets and bib tight for perfect thermal comfort.

 Protection from rain and wind is provided by the intelligent, breathable and exceptionally elastic MEMBRAIN 115 membrane. UYN's award-winning membrane provides high performance without sacrificing the comfort of a garment that adapts to every movement of the body.

 For socks and technical underwear, essential for tackling the most extreme weather conditions, Omar will rely on the extensive UYN collection, tested and chosen by athletes from nine of the world’s top national ski teams, including Italy, Norway, France, Austria and Germany. UYN underwear is engineered with COOLVENT technology to quickly wick moisture away form the skin leaving the body at the right temperature. The HEATMEMORY system prevents cooling in the most exposed areas.

Ambassador for eco-sustainability

Surrounded by untainted wilderness and majestic peaks, Omar will be an ambassador for UYN's eco-sustainable philosophy. His apparel is made with knitting technology, which reduces textile waste to almost zero, and exploit the properties of natural fibres: fine Cashmere, Merino wool, which guarantees perfect thermoregulation, and the exclusive Natex, a high-performance organic yarn derived from castor oil. Natex reduces the weight of garments by 25% and increases drying speed by 50%.

It will be possible to stay updated on the adventure through Omar Di Felice's social profiles, UYN’s Instagram channel and Facebook page.