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The origins of UYN quality
UYN – Unleash Your Nature is a trademark owned by Trerè Innovation s.r.l., based in Asola (Mantua), a world leader in the development, production and distribution of high-tech apparel. The company’s dedication to technology, passion for its products, research into advanced materials, focus on design and attention to the smallest details constitute the capital of know-how and experience representing the heart of Trerè Innovation. And its true strength.
World leader in functional apparel
In more than 50 years of experience, Trerè Innovation has fine-tuned a production method characterised by ultra-high quality standards and become a landmark in the textiles market. The company offers all-round service including study of the sector and analysis of the market, product and collection design, packaging, and distribution and image strategies for international points of sale. Behind all this is a cutting-edge Research & Development department which conducts laboratory tests of technological innovations and revolutionary yarns developed in partnership with champion athletes and rapidly incorporated into the production process.
Nobody’s perfect. But we strive for perfection every day.
“To UYN” means more than “to win”: it means testing your limits, achieving your goals and going beyond them, finding new motivation every day. To do this, you need all the help you can get. UYN offers maximum performance with outstanding comfort, the best materials and the most refined functions. Its vast assortment allows UYN to reach a very broad target. Amateur or professional athletes, Olympic champions, cyclists, runners and skiers: they all choose UYN quality.
We want to make exercise more attractive. And easier too.
With UYN, the athlete becomes one with nature. Special natural fibres harmoniously connect the "nature" in the garment with the nature around it, offering complete freedom of movement and lightness. UYN apparel offers a new athletic experience with intelligent yarns and integrated seamless technologies. It responds to movements, caresses the skin and creates the perfect climate for the body during athletic activity.