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Concept & design

Evolution from the very first thought. Between them, our designers, textile engineers and product managers have extensive knowledge and expertise in the textile, sports and fashion sectors, which allows us to develop concepts from scratch and offer customer-centric designs.

Research & development

From the smallest fibre to the finished product: progress calls for attention to detail. Especially on the part of our textile experts in the laboratory. Innovation is the result of consistent methods, research and development.

Sport is one of themost natural thingsin the world.And so are our products.

Production & quality

We also expect innovation from our Production department, especially when it comes to quality. From the procurement of raw materials through to the packaged product, we monitor every step in the production chain with an integrated, state-of-the-art quality management system.

Independent tests

Optimisation of every single detail. The new testing infrastructure with climatic wind tunnel makes it possible to identify and eliminate weak points in clothing systems. Be it 50°C with 90% humidity or -30°C with blizzard conditions, the climatic wind tunnel allows us to conduct material endurance tests and aerodynamic analysis with real-time data evaluation.

Sports diagnostics

Successful preparation starts with knowledge of the status quo – especially in sport. At our facility, we conduct sports-medical performance analysis, and we support recreational and top athletes on a continuous basis.