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We wantto make exercisemore attractive.And easier too.

With UYN, you become one with nature. Our special natural fibres create perfect harmony between internal and external nature, and give you a sense of total freedom and lightness. UYN garments indulge you with their intelligent yarns and seamlessly integrated technology. They adapt to your movements, caress your skin and create an ideal climate for optimum sports performance.

unleash your nature

We unleash natural strengths.

At UYN, activity lies at the heart of our work. Revolutionary, intelligent, hi-tech yarns and smart functions offer pure comfort while also improving performance. Every cut, every colour nuance and every stitch is the result of our specialist expertise, bold visions and clever designs.

It’s not only aboutoutdoing others,but also surpassingyourself.

The intelligent UYN yarns repel heat, absorb perspiration, wick away moisture, reduce friction and combat bacteria. But above all, they offer total comfort for the skin. These yarns, with their invisibly integrated functions, are ideal for creating fascinating designs and textures. UYN pampers the body and catches the eye.

Made for performance, from head to toe

Putting weight onyour feet is easy.Looking afterthem is an art

The functional socks from UYN indulge your feet with their unique comfort and highly developed functionality. Our socks protect, support and stabilise. Enjoy the pleasantly dry, warm atmosphere. Thanks to the special technology, you’ll feel ready to spring and full of energy, yet completely relaxed at the same time.