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Alpha Biking is UYN’s ultra-high-tech line for improving your biking performance. Developed by our textile engineers in the laboratory and tested by top athletes, it guarantees ergonomic comfort and perfect control of body temperature.


Hypermotion² gives you even more freedom of movement. As in the shoulder area at the back, every vertical seam has now been removed from the chest area as well. Nothing can restrict the movement of your arms.


Hypermotion² helps to guarantee your correct posture with its built-in stabilising Meta-Ribs, thus expanding the chest and facilitating breathing.


The UYN® Coolvent concept stands for the highest comfort. It is based on open tissue structures: The channelled inner surface allows a constant air flow. It absorbs sweat quickly, cools during exercise and keeps skin dry at all times.


A three-dimensional hexagonal fabric structure permits optimal climate regulation. In the abdominal area, a thicker structure provides better insulation and stability, while the thinner structure in the chest area ensures breathability by channelling moisture effectively outwards.


With the special NATEX thread, UYN lets nature work for your wellbeing. NATEX is especially light and reduces the weight of the base layer by 25 percent. NATEX garments dry up to 50 percent faster than comparable nylon clothing. The 100 %-natural organic fiber is more elastic and the bacteriostatic effect minimizes odors.

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In the hip area, the curved shape of the UYN® ULTRAMOTION System ensures greater torso stability and stabilises your lower back. As with Hypermotion technology, the pants are also created in one piece and this structure ensures unrestricted freedom of movement.


UYN cycling bibs are the first to combine the properties of lycra in the seat area with knitted fabric for the buttocks and legs. Result: unprecedented comfort, resistance and transpiration.


In the muscle area, the specifically incorporated Stabilising META-RIBS support correct posture during exercise. At the same time, sufficient pressure is created to stabilise the muscles and stimulate blood circulation. This makes your body feel better and increases concentration.

Dynamic Flow

The structure stands for aerodynamics and ideal air circulation. It optimises ventilation in the fabric and minimises friction resistance.  Dynamic Flow exerts a special effect in the seat area, lower back and inside thighs.


All Alpha Biking bib shorts feature the exclusive HP110 insert in the seat area. Anatomical design allows them to adapt perfectly to the body as it moves. A highly breathable structure with two degrees of density prevents friction and irritation.

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