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No friction. Full action
Simply, but extraordinarily effective. The Marathon line uses the most advanced technologies to satisfy the runner’s need for lightness and comfort. The shirt is designed to ensure perfect temperature control, while the shorts are the first to use the Zero-Friction system to reduce friction between the skin and the fabric. No irritation, just the pleasure of running!

Made out of one single piece of fabric to support your correct bodily posture and unredtricted freedom of movement.


The UYN® Coolvent concept stands for the highest comfort. It is based on open tissue structures: The channelled inner surface allows a constant air flow. It absorbs sweat quickly, cools during exercise and keeps skin dry at all times.


Behind the knee and wherever more sweat accumulates, UYN Drylight technology transports perspiration to the outside through a lighter, extremely absorptive knitting technology.

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Ergonomic Elastic

The elasticised waist is optimised to ensure stability without compressing the abdomen. This ensures that the shorts always stay in the right position.

3D Lines

The three-dimensional structure of the fabric of the shorts is determined on the basis of dynamic analysis of the motion of running to increase elasticity and ensure perfect fit.

Zero Friction System

We have eliminated all the seams in the leg area and reduced the number of friction points between the fabric and the skin. Exclusive construction with a single seam in the middle of the shorts prevents friction and improves comfort over long distances.


Careful choice of materials and the simple structure of the shorts offer outstanding performance with super-light weight: less than 70 grams!


Unlike standard shorts, UYN Marathon shorts are made with a single seam in the middle joining the two halves. There are no seams on the legs. We have reduced the points at which the fabric rubs the skin during running to ensure maximum comfort.

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The most worn in marathons
Tens of thousands of people have chosen and appreciated the high-tech shirt UYN has created for international marathons in Košice, Monaco and Venice. The new Marathon shirt draws on this experience, offering comfort that has already passed the toughest test: that of marathon runners.