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The uynners take it all

A UYNner is not only a successful athlete, but a person who expresses his or her own nature in the best possible way. With passion and commitment, with UYN style and values. The greatest champions in all sports have entrusted their performance to our high-tech apparel, and this makes us feel proud, but it also makes us feel a duty to continue improving.


If 10 of the world’s most important national ski teams have chosen UYN’s innovative high-performing base layers and socks, it’s clear we must be the technological leaders on the market. The greatest world cup athletes won't settle for anything but the best materials! The little details, from base layers and socks to tenths of a second, make all the difference between winning and losing. Another important success of our brand is that Italy’s entire national team has chosen UYN for the Winter Olympics.

Winter sport

Athletes who want the most on the slopes must choose the highest performing base layers and socks ever made. UYN supports its champions by offering them the most advanced technologies and the best materials. With a single shared goal: victory!

They’ve made the history of skiing, amazing whole nations with their achievements. Their success would be impossible without a winning mentality, without a desire to continue putting themselves on the line and an ability to pay attention to even the tiniest details. Our Legends express all the spirit of UYN and bring our values onto the slopes of the world.

Motorbike racing

We’re proud to be Sky Racing Team VR46’s Official Teamwear Supplier. We’re providing our high-tech kit to support the development of motorcycling’s top talents.


The fatigue on a climb, spine chilling descents, the buzz of the sprint: on the bike, you need kit that can measure up to all your performance needs. Who better than a Giro d’Italia winner to attest to the quality of UYN?


Whether running in the city or in nature, everything is made possible by UYN apparel manufactured with the most advanced technologies. Speed and resistance, with unrivalled freedom of movement thanks to Hypermotion. When walking or running a marathon, an ultra-marathon, or a competition in the mountains or on the road, our #Uynners performance knows no limits!


Wind and water, baking sun and plenty of humidity: in sailing events, it’s the athlete vs. the elements. This is why the advanced performance of UYN base layers and socks are so important: perfect for controlling body temperature and quick-drying thanks to Natex yarn. UYN is the trusted partner of great champions and teams in sailing, too.